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  • My occupation is Being awesome
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  • TheFlamingSun

    Hi, i'm making a story, listen closely,

    There was once a time in Dark Ages, a century before guns and newspapers. A witch made a contract with a demon, I wasn't alive. I saw a horseman striding across the glowing moon. That was after I materialized. Then, striding across the glowing moon, was Pestilence then suddenly Ellen was sickened by a horrible disease. She told me no name, only that the disease was "Satanic". Wha? She was a SEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!!! Oh, wait, she made a contract with a demon. I started walking away when I came across a large mansion. That was then I met Viola. She told me about that sickness before I looked at the moon again. This time, the horsemen riding across the moon was War. And so the battle between Ellen and Viola began.

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