The Snake
The Snake with Viola
biological information
Species Snake
Gender Male (referred as "he" in the note in the Safe Room)
Enemies The Frog
Role in Story
In Game Needs to be fed the Frog in order to proceed to the 4th Floor.
In the Book Used by Ellen to kill a trapped victim.[1]
In Game Vanishes from the Snake Room (presumably into the fissure on the wall)
In the Book Summoned by Viola to trap Ellen.
"A child had his spine crushed by a snake and died. With that vision, a room with a snake living in it was created." -

Viola, recalling Ellen's memories.

The Snake (ヘビ Hebi) is a large carnivorous reptile that serves as the 3rd Floor's enemy.



The Snake bears a striking resemblance to that of a giant anaconda, with dark green scales and narrow red eyes.


The Diary of Ellen

After switching bodies with Viola, Ellen escapes from the Witch's House to enjoy her newly gained freedom, leaving Viola to suffer from the wounds inflicted on the witch's body. Worrying deeply about her father's safety, Viola gathers her strength and courage to crawl out of Ellen's bloodstained bedroom and begins plotting to trap Ellen back into her own house. Using the memories' left in Ellen's dying body, she recalls that her former friend had used a giant snake to kill a child in the past and summons the same snake in a dark enclosed room.

The Witch's House


The Snake biting at Viola's neck. (Click to view animation.)

After successfully crossing the Hall of Distraction, Viola comes across a note that says "He is hungry." When the player interacts with the door to the next room for the first time, Viola will sense that there is something on the other side. If the player looks through the window several times, the identity of the creature will be revealed and it will slam its body against the door in a failed attempt to attack you. If the player insists on opening the door, the Snake will lash its fangs at Viola's neck, killing her. The player will then have no other choice but to feed their new Frog companion to the beast in order to proceed. Upon entering the room after giving away the Frog, the player will find a large fissure on the wall where the Snake has presumably vanished. 


  • Out of all of the enemies found in the Witch's House, the Snake is the only one that doesn't pursue the player. This is most likely due to the limited spacing of its environments.


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