Teddy Bears are a set of three stuffed bears, each related to the first puzzle to be solved in the game. A note on the nearby wall says "BEARS IN THE BASKET", however there is only one bear.

Small Bear

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.18.30 PM

The two smaller teddy bears in the basket.

Found in the room north east from the entrance, in a pile of presents. To solve the first puzzle, Viola has to take it to the room west of the entrance and use the scissors on the workbench to cut its limbs off so that it is small enough to be put in the basket. The note on the north wall becomes a set of dots, indicating that the house is shocked by her drastic methods. 

Medium Bear

The Medium Bear is found in the basket already, and cannot be removed. It is found on the room east of the corridor.

Giant Bear

Main article: Giant Teddy Bear


The giant teddy bear's sprite.

The first pursuer of the game, it appears in the entrance after putting the limbless bear in the basket and chases Viola. If it touches Viola, it will sit on her and crush her to death. It is believed that since its appearance is triggered by cutting off the small bear's limbs, the Giant Bear is seeking revenge for cutting off its kin's limbs.

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