The Letter (手紙 Tegami) is an item found in The Witch's House. It is written for Viola by her father, and split into two parts.


The Diary of Ellen


The letter hidden under the blue flower's foliage. Illustrated by Fummy.

On the day following their argument, Viola's father leaves an apologetic letter to his daughter on the desk and leaves for work. Unfortunately, Viola never does read the letter and simply stuffs it in her skirt's pocket before leaving for Ellen's house.

The Witch's House

The second half of the letter appears in Viola's inventory at the start of the game. Viola will carry it around throughout her journey in the Witch's House. After narrowly escaping from the Legless Girl's grasp, Viola returns to the Witch's Forest and finds the first half of the letter on the flowerbed she started in.

In the True Ending of the game, Ellen (in Viola's body) mentions the letter Viola's Dad sent and calls him a "good father" for worrying about his daughter's safety.


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