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Giant Skull in-game
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Giant Skull is a monster that chases the player and kills them if they don't escape via a door or passage way.


There are three places that the Giant Skull appears.

  1. Once you pull the lever and try to exit the skull area, the pot will break and once you move forward just a little bit more, the Giant Skull will chase you around the skull area and out of the hall way. He stays in the hall way until the 2nd occurance.
  2. After washing the red shoes in the water, subsequently killing the tadpoles, he will appear out of the gate to the roof. It is unclear how he managed to escape that hallway to appear in this location.
  3. After retrieving the doll, if you go back to the hallway just before the skull room. (The one with the old pot) and hit the middle tile, two skulls will appear out of opposite doorways, effectively killing the player.


  • Even though he is immensely larger than the doors he passed through, he passes them with ease. It could be theorized that the witch's magic allows him to do so.
  • He is the only character that can kill the player more than twice.
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