2nd Floor

House Version


What's Here?


An invisible person is sorting books.


The Book of Death is obtained in this room.


There are multiple items you can read in the library. Some books are only available if you play the game without saving.

Books/Items Always Available:

  1. Witch's House (1)
  2. Witch's House (2)
  3. A Funny Story
  4. Newspaper Clippings

There are also a few books that you can read the covers of or note their subject matter but can't read.

Books Available If You Don't Save*

  1. Witch's House (4)
  2. Witch's House (5)
  3. Witch's House (6)
  4. Witch's House (7)
  • You must go through most of the game without saving and return later for this to work. You will not see these books at the beginning of the game even if you don't save.


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