• Frostyflytrap

    The Witch's House is getting an HD remaster released on Steam with the RPG Maker MV engine.

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  • Frostyflytrap

    To Do List

    November 4, 2017 by Frostyflytrap
    1. Make the wiki reasonably spoiler-free.
    2. Search for download links of older versions that came out before 1.06.
    3. Inspect version 1.08 for any new changes that may have gone unnoticed by Vgperson. (Such as the Hall of Distraction getting fixed)
    4. Fix some of the minor character pages. (Woman Statue)
    5. Complete articles for all the Items.
    6. Add some new Wiki achivements.
    7. Add more info on the The Diary of Ellen (manga) once that gets fully released.
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  • Frostyflytrap

    Hey there, it's been a while since any of us have edited here. It came to my attention that The Witch's House was recently updated to 1.08 and was done so 'silently'. There wasn't an update post on vgperson's blog all about it yet the latest version has already been translated so I wondered what was up. It took a few weeks for me to directly ask vgperson on her Tumblr the following question:

    Question: "I've noticed that version The Witch's House was recently updated to 1.08, there was no announcement here so I was wondering what got changed?"

    vgperson: "The RTP no longer needs to be installed, the item window was modified, the bug of needing to choose End Game twice to quit was fixed, and the final chase got minor changes - there’s slightly m…

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  • MinerofSkies

    I talk about it and post pictures/links here:

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  • Frostyflytrap


    October 28, 2016 by Frostyflytrap

    Just some activity to avoid the sudden deletion of this wiki without any warning from Wikia. Seriously now.

    On a side note, I reread some of my old messages here and I can't believe I said "yo" so many times. XD Must've been under the influence of the black cat.

    I plan on having this wiki have less revealing spoilers in the future as to be a little more 'friendly' if spoilers can even be considered unfriendly, that is.There was this one wiki that made me think that the game only had a certain amount of enemies until the ending but later realised that it was an interesting technique to hide spoilers. I may post it here if remember it again someday.

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  • Doctor.wii

    so I was playing one of my favourite games of all time and I noticed something in one of the death scenes

    in floor 2 when you take the yellow butterfly and the spider kills you, if you go back further you can see Ellen sitting on an barrel looking at the spider biting your head off!

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Okay, I just want to clear out that I'm writing this all for laughs, people may or may not find it controversial or offensive. If you are sensitive to possible reality, then stray away from this blog post. (I know you won't.) And also, HUGE MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW.

    I'll be explaining how a good ending for The Witch's House would be possible.

    Let us inspect the three(and a half) endings of the game, yes you heard me right, and you didn't know there was even a second ending and now I'm here telling you there are 3, so go play it again or watch someone's playthrough before reading this, you still have a chance.

    Okay, the "Good" Ending that most people managed to get on first try, (If you got the True Ending on first try, then you're extra awesome.) S…

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  • Katyui

    I made very small changes on the main page.

    Such as; Added links, more information

    Official site link was added; Installations required for gameplay added; Links cleaned up

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  • TheFlamingSun

    Hi, i'm making a story, listen closely,

    There was once a time in Dark Ages, a century before guns and newspapers. A witch made a contract with a demon, I wasn't alive. I saw a horseman striding across the glowing moon. That was after I materialized. Then, striding across the glowing moon, was Pestilence then suddenly Ellen was sickened by a horrible disease. She told me no name, only that the disease was "Satanic". Wha? She was a SEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!!! Oh, wait, she made a contract with a demon. I started walking away when I came across a large mansion. That was then I met Viola. She told me about that sickness before I looked at the moon again. This time, the horsemen riding across the moon was War. And so the battle between Ellen and Viola began.

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  • BlazeCannon15

    Some fanfiction

    September 3, 2014 by BlazeCannon15

    Hey guys, since Miner is at college (and soon will I be), I won't be online as much but not to the point to where I'm unavailable. I'll be on every now and then, grammatical checking and what not so yeah.....

    What I really wanted to get across was that I wrote my own fanfiction of the Witch's House. Now I know what you guys might be thinking (shameful advertising), but I am making this a good passtime for you contributors who have been supporting this wiki (among various others). I know this may seem out of place as a minuscule user on this wiki but I just want to the contributors something to read (totally optional).

    The link to my fanfiction is below, while you don't have to read it, it would mean a lot to me if you would get along to read…

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  • Frostyflytrap

    Ending Theory

    June 4, 2014 by Frostyflytrap

    The True Ending just makes me think. Viola on Ellen's witch body dies because Ellen's roses were killed by the cute little bottle. The description of the cute little bottle does say it will kill the witch's flowers, and one of The Witch's House secret books do say that the witch dies when her roses dies, hinting that she and the roses are one.

    Though in both endings, after the roses die, Ellen still is able to go out of her house and after Viola (Or with her in the other end). And then when Viola's dad shoots Viola in Ellen's body, it's later seen that her body vanished just after the demon cat comes. It's mostly said that Viola does die in the end, but what if the demon was lying all along? What if the cute little bottle actually doesn't k…

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  • BlazeCannon15


    November 6, 2013 by BlazeCannon15

    For those of you who don't know, Fummy released a 5-chapter book called 'The Diary of Ellen'on November 2nd 2013, which takes place prior to the game. If you like The Witch's House, read it as it explains Ellen's backstory in detail.

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