The 1st Floor (魔女の家 一階) is the first location in the house.


When Viola enters the house for the first time, she will encounter a room that has a door to another room with a blood stain in the middle.

  • Walking over the blood stain will trigger a trap causing the walls to close in on you. Simply walk around it to proceed.
  • Interact with the note on the wall then retrace your steps. You will be transported to another version of the Entrance Way. (Note: The trap will still be in effect. You must also avoid walking over the blood stain on your way out).

Viola discovers that she is locked in the Witch's House. She can only go further into the House in hopes for a mean to escape. But the door in the room to the left is locked. 

Directly east from the room is a hallway with a clock that leads to two rooms. The door directly in front of the other door lead to a room with a basket containing a teddy bear in the middle of the room. On the wall is a note that says "BEARS IN THE BASKET" hinting that there has to be more than bear in the basket. To do this the player must exit the room then go into the door at the end of the hall into the room with presents. Among the pile of presents is a teddy bear that must be placed in the basket. However since its limbs make it too big to fit, they must be cut off with the scissors chained to a bench directly west of the Entrance Room. After cutting the limbs the player must then place the teddy bear torso in the basket. An unlocking sound from the door to the Dining room will be heard. However, when Viola leaves the room, a Giant Teddy Bear jump out to kill Viola, simply running back to the clock hallway will already evade the bear. Then can the player proceed to the top door in the Scissors room.

When Viola steps in front of the door to the dining room, the teddy bear limbs will fall off her, the player must pick them up for progress. In the Dining room at the table, the player must push the chair in front of thew note saying "TASTE POISON" on the table in order to read it (Only then can Viola have the option to interact with the Skull-shaped bowl). In the door north of the room is the Kitchen where the invisible Chef is seen. The player should give him the teddy teddy bear limbs as he is in need of a hand for his meal. The chef will give Viola a silver key in exchange. According to the book on the table in the kitchen, "Dining of the Aristocrats", silver changes color in contact with poison. This hints that the silver key must be put in the poison on the dining table to unlock the door to the 2nd Floor.

Continued from the 4th Floor . Click and/or drag the link to return to the puzzle's introduction and conclusion.

The secret passageway leads Viola to the 1st Floor's fireplace. She now finds herself in a darker version of the Dining Room. 

  • Follow the arrows drawn on the walls to the Kitchen. 
  • Viola will find a pot boiling on the stove. Turn the fire off and remove the lid from the pot. Interacting with the pot again will give you three options. Viola can either smell, inspect or search the contents of the pot. Viola, however, cannot search the pot with her bare hands. She must therefore find some means to do so.
  • The shelf above you has been dragged to the side, revealing a secret door. Enter the door to the Skeleton Room.
  • Interact with the mounds of skeletons to find a mean to search the pot. The skeleton on the far left has a pair of Gold Chopsticks stuck between its ribs.
  • Return to the Kitchen and use the Gold Chopsticks on the pot. Viola will fish out a Pig Ring. 
  • If Viola attempts to exit the Kitchen, the door will be locked and a note will appear on the table telling her to "return things to where they were". The note is referring to the Gold Chopsticks.
  • Return to the Skeleton Room and  interact with the skeleton on the far left. Viola will be given the option to put the chopsticks back in the skeleton's eyesocket, collarbone, ribs or wherever.
    • Hint: According to the note, you must put the chopsticks back in the same area you first found them.
    • Note: The correct answer is the ribs.
  • When you successfully return to the Dining Room, Viola will hear someone coming down the stairs and will then be given a 5 second timer. Quickly run to the fire place and escape to the 4th Floor.


Entrance witch's

Entrance Way before (left) and after (right)

The Entrance when first encountered, way is a small room with white walls having two candle stands on it. The door to the outside is still open before Viola reads the note in the trapped room. After she reads the note, the entrance way appears brighter, the Cat is now there, and is now decorated with vases of roses on two tables. Left and right of the room are two new openings to the Scissors Room and the Clock Hallway. The door to the trapped room also vanishes.

Normal Appearance 

Entrance normal

Trap witch

The trapped room is a similar room to the entrance way only having minimal lighting, a blood puddle in the middle of the room, and a note just across that reads "COME TO MY ROOM" which burns after reading. This is necessary to change the entrance way's interior.


Clock Hallway

The clock hallway is a narrow room that leads to the teddy room and the present room. At the end of the hall next to the door to the present room is a grandfather clock while at the other side is a space in the wall with a vase of roses on a table.

Normal Appearance 


The teddy room has the same white bricked wall like the other rooms. The only difference is that the flooring is composed of large dark wooden planks. In the center of the room is a basket with a teddy bear in it, interacting with it tells that there's a little room left. At the top of the room is a note that says "BEARS IN THE BASKET."

Normal Appearance 

Teddyroom normal


Present room

The present room has the same white bricked wall like the other rooms except it is a bit dim. It has a wooden floor that appears crimson, probably because of the low lighting in the room. This room has a pile of presents in the bottom right corner of the room with a teddy bear lying on top of the pile of presents. You can interact with the present pile which allows you to take the Teddy Bear. The Teddy Bear is a key item for solving the Teddy Bear Puzzle. In the room also has the first entry of the Witch's Diary. You can decide to read it, although it has no impact on your progress. There is also a dresser in the upper right corner of the room and if interacted with, it only says, "Opens when the house returns to normal."

Normal Appearance 

Presents room normal


Normal Appearance 

Scissors room normal


Normal Appearance 


Normal Appearance 

Kitchen normal


Skelly room
Upon entering this room Viola will crush the skull of the first skeleton with her foot.

Events and Jumpscares


  • As the player enters the Trapped Room, an eyeless Ellen can briefly be seen hovering above the note on the wall.


  • After obtaining the Small Teddy Bear from the Present Room, one of the boxes of presents will fall to the ground as Viola walks away.
  • After cutting off the small teddy bear's limbs, a bloody paw print will appear on the wall next to the entrance of the Scissors room.
    • When the Viola walks across the Entrance Way, the candles will be put out. 
  • After stuffing the Teddy Bear Torso in the basket, the basket of teddy bears will move towards Viola as she leaves the Teddy Bear Room.
    • When Viola returns, a bloody paw print will be painted on the note.
    • Once Viola exits the room again and returns to the Clock Hallway, the grandfather clock can be seen swiftly scrolling up the screen, and back to its original position. 
    • When Viola moves up along the Clock Hallway a bloody paw print will appear on the wall, next to the door to the Present Room.
    • Moving down along the hallway will cause the grandfather clock to chime loudly.
  • When Viola returns to the entrance way, the flower vase on her right will fall and break.
  • If Viola ignores the cat throughout the entirety of this puzzle and interacts with him right after narrowly escaping the Giant Teddy Bear, he will call her out on it.


  • There is a door that connects the Dining Room directly to the Entrance Way. While the door can be opened normally from the Entrance Way, forcing it open from the Dining Room for the first time will startle the Black Cat .
    • If the player doesn't open the secret passage before solving the puzzle, the Black Cat will have additional dialogue saying "Why am I here? I guess I was here before."
  • Using the Silver Key on the door leading to the second floor will cause more cockroaches to appear.
  • If Viola attempts to read the Letter in her inventory after drinking the poisonous soup, it will say that her vision is getting too blurry.
  • Putting the Silver Key in the green soup, a black hand coming from the fireplace will stretch out towards Viola before quickly pulling back.
    • Walking towards the Kitchen will cause a wine bottle to fall from the shelf on the right.
  • If Viola saves on the Black Cat using the hidden door, after completing this puzzle, the table where the vase once stood will move towards her.


  • Several cracks on the floor can appear on the way to the Kitchen, and a new one on the way back to the fireplace.
  • Attempting to open the door leading to the Scissors Room will cause one of the male statues to move towards you.
  • Attempting to open the door leading to the second floor will cause a bloody hand-print to splatter against the wall. **Backtracking your way to the other side of that door will cause a male bust statue to appear along the stairway. Viola will be given the choice to either move out of the way and let the statue pass or stand still. Choosing the latter will prompt the statue to crush Viola to death.
  • After retrieving the Golden Chopsticks from the Skeleton Room, a skeleton will move towards Viola as she exits.
    • In Version 1.07, when Viola returns to the Skeleton Room after finding the Pig Ring, that skeleton's skull will be crushed under her feet as she walks over it.
  • When looking for the Pig Ring, a skeleton can be seen peering from the window.
  • After putting back the chopsticks, a skeleton will chatter its teeth, as though cackling, as Viola leaves the room.